Yellow Hawkweed Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities:  supports emotional strength, balance, stability, increases visionary powers and connection to spirit, stimulates hidden creativity, opens to mysteries of Nature, works on hidden “critters” and toxicity      Indications:  tense, high strung, stomach and immune issues, cut off from higher knowing     Click View for detailed information

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Yellow Hawkweed  (Hieracium florentinum)   

Balancing Qualities:
This essence supports emotional strength, balance and stability. It increases visionary powers and provides access to higher thinking. It
can help us fly while still being in touch with the earth. It intensifies one’s life force, stimulating buried or hidden creativity, new ideas, and inspirations to bring in one’s creative life purpose. It strengthens and deepens one’s connection to the mysteries of Nature, providing grounding, especially during times of anxiety and tension. It strengthens communication with the spirit world as well as with other people, bringing in vital information in an organized sequential form. It also brings in the energy to carry out new ideas.  It has a physical aspect that helps eliminate bacteria, viruses, candida, mold, parasites as well as metal toxicity and chemical poisons.

For individuals who can become tense, anxious and high strung even to the point of seeming neurotic and unstable. There are often conditions of the stomach and intestines, ie. nervous stomach, indigestion, gastritis, Crohn’s or food allergies and inflammation which exacerbate the situation. One seems cut off for his/her higher knowing, being caught in the mundane.

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