Skullcap Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balalncing Qualities:  calms nerves, mitigates cravings, strengthens body soul connection, enhances empathy, increases psychic healing     Indications: unsettled in one’s body from shock, severe stress or spiritual overexpansion    Click View for detailed information

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Skullcap  (Scutellaria lateriflora)  

Balancing Qualities:
This is a very effective essence to enhance physical and emotional relaxation. It is supporting to frayed nerves and helps mitigate cravings and withdrawal symptoms from tobacco, caffeine and drugs. It increases awareness of one’s intuitive responses and enhances empathy. It strengthens the body soul connection, helping the soul be fully embodied. Practitioners can use it to stimulate meridians and the crown chakra.  It increases psychic healing abilities in both the client and practitioner. It can be a helpful essence for use during intentional out-of-body journeys.

For feeling beside one’s self,  not “all there” vacant, unsettled in one’s body, feeling adrift. These feeling may have been caused by shock, trauma, or extreme stress. It also can be from  spiritual overexpansion, going out of the body and not being able to completely come back. Headaches may also be present. Others may experience the person as being “not all here”.

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