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Healthy chocolate is a dream come true! Created by an herbalist and chocolate connoisseur, pure organic cocoa is expertly combined with just the right sweet combination to create this delicious, creamy, rich, dark cocoa.

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Since ancient times cocoa has been considered a gift of the gods. It was used to lift the spirits and provide many health benefits. Today scientific findings are substantiating these long-known benefits.

Our organic cocoa is purchased from farmers who are committed to substantial agriculture and are conscientious and socially responsible members of their community. We believe that supporting organic growers contributes to healthy, happy living for us all.

This unique recipe contributes to a healthy lifestyle and is considered a nutritional supplement with a low glycemic index.

Ingredients: Organic dark chocolate, organic licorice, GMO-free erythritol, stevia extract, and xantham gum.

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