Yucca Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities:  clears out old stagnating emotions thereby attracting positive life experiences    Indications:  difficulty breaking old dysfunctional family patterns   Click View for detailed information

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Yucca    (Yucca spp


Balancing Qualities:
Yucca helps shed light on one’s life issues and breaks from old dysfunctional patterns. It then frees us from feeling chronically overwhelmed so that we can live our own lives engaged with purpose and passion. Use of this essence allows one to take personal responsibility, to clear out the old stagnating emotions and to move forward with joy and forgiveness, thereby attracting positive life experiences. Brings in compassion for one’s family and culture.

Difficulty breaking free of family or cultural patterns of dysfunction, ie addictions, alcoholism, depression, illnesses. Lack of insight regarding these patterns causes a feeling of victimization and resentment. This often begins in early childhood when one feels a lack of control and then becomes engrained. This obscures the big picture and then causes repetitive negative patterns.

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