Black Locust Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities: balancing energies, harmony, releasing personal aspect, protection    Indications: feeling attacked     Click View for Detailed Information

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Black Locust:   (Robinia pseudoacacia)    

Balancing Qualities:
Balancing yin/yang energies, encouraging group harmony, cooperation and relaxation. Enhances consideration and awareness of needs of others and the group as a whole. Encourages developing community. It is a bridge building essence, between people and in community. It also aids in protection of all kinds. These deeper issues are brought into awareness. Locust has a beautiful aroma and large thorns, indications of its gifts.

Not feeling safe, subject to attack from others. May feel other’s anger or other negativity directed at one, sometimes intentionally and sometimes without the other person knowing the impact. Feeling vulnerable to attack or undesired attention ie, being smothered, or feeling stalked. One may feel seriously depleted without a known cause. There can be a form of psychic attack or interference. This may also come from one’s own inflexible or uncompromising attitude as well as an assertiveness that overrides others.

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