Spotted Jewelweed Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities:  releases fear and frustration, helps one loosen up and slow down, accesses inner stillness, allows creativity to flow   Indications: caught in inner and outer demands, uptight     Click View for detailed information

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Spotted Jewelweed   (Impatiens capensis)     

Balancing  Qualities:
Acts as a catalyst to inertia, releasing fear and frustration so one can move ahead in a relaxed, healthy way. Helps one loosen up, move forward and trust his/her innate creativity with the ability to flow. Helps one to slow down, and find inner enjoyment and  the inner stillness where peace exists. It helps one let down, experience joy and have fun.

For those feeling blocked, stuck, uptight with mental worries, moving too fast, caught in both outer and inner demands. Feeling irritated, anxious and wanting to “jump out of your skin”

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