Sweet Chestnut Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


From the Flower Essence Society     Balancing Qualities:  offers courage for great change and spiritual transformation, very important for suicidal tendencies     Indications: the dark night of the soul, hopeless, deepest mental despair    Click View for detailed information

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Sweet Chestnut  (Castanea sativa)  

Balancing Qualities:
This is an extremely important transition essence. It supports one in knowing that it is in hitting bottom that one can rise again. It offers courage for great change and spiritual transformation. It is through one’s intense suffering that one can receive the gift of surrender. This allows one to open to hope, love and forgiveness and a higher spiritual identity.

For those who are at their wit’s end, feeling that they are in the “dark night” of the soul from acute traumatic events. They experience the deepest mental despair, helplessness and hopelessness feeling like they have reached their limit of endurance with no place to go. They feel completely alone and unprotected and experience intense suffering. It is also a powerful essence indicated for those who have suicidal thoughts.

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