Willow Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities: awakens deeper level of consciousness, releases fixed stuck beliefs, resentments, etc. increased flexibility, opens to forgiveness, ease       Indications: resentment and self pity, lack self reflection   Click View for detailed information

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Willow (Salix vitellna)

Balancing Qualities:
This essence helps people feel an awakening to a deeper level of consciousness. It brings more flexibility and emotional and mental cleansing, helping to release fixed stuck beliefs, resentments, angers and other negative behaviors. As emotional knots are undone, one is able to be more self reflective, responsible and forgiving. In this way life takes on a more relaxed, ease and grace. There is a perceptual shift allowing one to see life differently. From this broader perspective one sees responsibility as a privilege, leading to personal power, the ability to change one’s life and realize one’s dreams

For those who feel resentment and self pity. They lack self reflection, blaming others rather than looking at their own behaviors and attitudes. They feel that life is unfair and that the world is unjust, that they are right and others are wrong. The feelings smolder inside and are not directly expressed thinking by holding them in, they won’t make a scene. They, however hold grudges and make demands on others or become sarcastic without understanding what they are doing, which is alienating to others. They are actually ungrateful, holding onto being victims and martyrs while thinking they are being nice. This behavior makes them more isolated and embittered. From their limited perspective, their outer reality and inner truth are distorted. This makes improvement  impossible to attain. These people have difficulty understanding that taking responsibility for their beliefs and actions would change their lives for the better.

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