Wild Rose Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities: increases will to live and find joy      Indications: devoid of joy, no hope, accepting one’s lot   Click View for detailed information

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Wild Rose    (Rosa canina)

Balancing Qualities:
Wild Rose leads one gradually to an interest in life,  hope and the will to live and find joy. This essence is particularly helpful for living in today’s world of turmoil. It helps one come back to life or come to life for the first time, to find a purpose and feel some inner strength to go on in a more positive way.  They become more flexible and in touch with their inner selves and begin to feel some enthusiasm. They are then motivated to live life more from a “yes I can!”perspective.  It can also aid those who have lingering illnesses. It is useful for children, animals and plants as well.

This essence addresses a deep condition often starting at birth or before. One accepts his/her fate that “this is the way life is”. These people are devoid of joy, have no hope and may even have lost the will to go on.  They accept their “lot”, feeling “what is the use?”, not seeing a way out and making no effort to make a positive change.  Apathy and resignation rule  their lives. They live without a dream. Life is an effort. Being uninterested in life, they are uninteresting and boring to be with. They are victims of their perceptions and outer circumstances.



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