White Yarrow Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities: resets psychic filters and strengthens energetic and auric boundaries     Indications: sensitive to the environment and Influenced by others’ energies     Click View for detailed information

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Yarrow, White   (Achillea millefolium) 

Balancing Qualities:
This essence resets one’s psychic filters and strengthens energetic boundaries providing a protective shield. It knits together the aura and releases stored negative emotions as fear and doubt. It seals energetic wounds and sets up a field of protection around the electromagnetic energy fields that surround the body. It then permeates the body, brain and central nervous system with the white light of protection. It balances one’s spiritual and psychic aspects with one’s physical being and outer world responsibilities. It protects one from environmental toxicity, as well as pain and negativity. This allows one to express one’s true loving nature without being depleted by others.

For those who have great sensitivity to their environment and other people’s energies. They have difficulty deciphering which feelings are their own and which they have “taken on” from outside sources. They easily pick up vibs from others, often without realizing it. These people may feel “cut to the bone”, feel exhausted, vulnerable and stressed out by others and the environment. They are easily depleted in social situations and harsh environments. Special consideration for children with special needs is in order here. For instance those with outer expressions characteristic of ADD, ADHD, and autistic behaviors may be due in part from over stimulation from the world chaos.

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