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Balancing Qualities:  awakening, wise leader, appropriate use of power     Indications:overbearing, dictatorial, demanding     Click View for detailed information

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Vine (Vitis Vinifera)

Balancing Qualities:
In a balanced state vine people make good leaders, using wise decisions and guidance. They are capable and ambitious and know what to do in a crisis. They can be inspiring in their leadership rather than resorting to force. They realize operating from power and will will eventually exhaust itself and that there is no pleasure or deep satisfaction in such actions. They become selfless leaders consciously acting on behalf of the group, serving others with respect as true leaders. 

For those who are overbearing, even tyrannical, expecting absolute obedience to orders given. These people know their own minds and think they know what is best for others. They are certain of their own abilities and confident of success, never looking underneath this outer manifestation of inner anxiety and fear. They care not about others opinions and impose their will on others indiscriminately. This negative vine energy is still evident in many military people, leaders, politicians and dictators around the world today. On a lesser degree, they can also still be found issuing orders, or attempting to do so in many homes and communities today, although they become less powerful as those around them claim their own power.  Even in a positive state there is a tendency to go too far. They give up love for power. This can be subtle, even a glance can yield a strong message. There are varying degrees of this syndrome and often one can be pulled in without knowing it. Many of today’s leaders are quite capable of such tactics, but this still happens in the home as well. As people begin to awaken spiritually, they start to recognize these characteristics. They then can be overly cautious bending too far the other way as they try to balance out such behavior. Those who are afraid to use their power at all are also out of balance. Taking vine can help such people use their own power responsibly as is their birthright.

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