Snowdrop Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities:  helps release old sorrows and trauma allowing tears to flow, bringing healing      Indications:  not standing up for one’s self, enduring long term  sorrow and pain   Click View for detailed information

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Snow Drop  (Galanthus nivalis)

Balancing Qualities: 
This essence is the first flower of the year, melting the snow from its own inner warmth. It is helpful for those who feel cold in the world and from long winters. It brings the hope of spring and warmth after a long winter. This can be a metaphor for one’s life as well, mirroring one’s emergence to a higher consciousness. It helps release old sorrows and trauma allowing tears to flow and then bringing healing and renewal. For those who have lost hope, it lifts the spirit and helps one overcome seemingly hopeless situations. It melts old issues releasing resistance, lethargy, mental exhaustion and fatigue. It heightens sensitivity of awareness and subtle perceptions, and aids in deepening one’s understanding of Nature and existence. It aids one in being more gentle to one’s self bringing a sense of serenity. It aids one in accepting his/her spiritual nature while being grounded on the Earth. It brings the joy of opening to a larger awareness of life and its meaning.

For those who don’t stand up for themselves, and have endured long periods of sorrow, pain and trauma. For those who serve others and forget themselves, ignoring one’s heart. Such people feel stuck in life being cold, exhausted, hopeless and caught in constant sadness. They are often set in their ways and resistant to change even while feeling stuck. They are blocked in life, unable to breakthrough to new levels of awareness because of feeling threatened by new insights.

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