Sagebrush Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


From the Flower Essence Society     Balancing Qualities:  facilitates breakthroughs and transformation      Indications:   devastation and loss, especially ego related     Click View for detailed information

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Sagebrush   (Artemisa tridentata)

Balancing Qualities: 
This essence gives people courage and strength to confront difficult issues that have changed their reality through major trauma or devastation. It promotes an “empty” consciousness, integrating loss and devastation. It brings positive change by facilitating breakthroughs, transformation and rebirth. It brings about a deep awareness of one’s purpose and promotes soul recognition.

People who need this essences have experienced difficulties that have made them have to look at their lives and life style, especially the illusory parts or the ego. They have experienced loss, grief, a stripping away of possessions and perhaps even relationships once held dear and valuable. It brings up old hurts and negative patterns to be acknowledged and released.


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