Red Chestnut Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


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Balancing Qualities: projecting positive thoughts rather than worry to those they love  Indications:  illogical fears for loved ones    Click View for detailed information

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Red Chestnut  (Aesculus carnea)    

Balanced Qualities: 
This essence releases anticipatory anxiety and aids one in being able to project positive thoughts of assurance and well being rather than worry to those they love. This can then be a positive, nonintrusive influence since the person is able to perceive in situations that all is well in a calm manner with a cool head. Restoring optimism and trust in the Divine plan, and faith in the person brings positive energy to both people

For those who have illogical fears that something terrible has happened or will happen to a loved one. Overprotection is common in this state since the person seems to have lost touch with Divine protection. The person is afraid of even harmless situations and constantly expresses to their loved one (a child, for instance) to “be careful”. This can have negative effects of over concern learned from the parent. Worries of over concern can actually energetically attract negative events to the person involved.

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