Pine Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities:  open to self forgiveness, transform the inner critic     Indications: feeling overly guilty   Click View for detailed information

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Pine     (Pineus sylvestris)               

Balancing Qualities:
Is able to see and accept one’s faults in perspective, bringing self acceptance, self forgiveness and self love. Releases emotional paralysis and helps transform the inner critic. It is useful for those recovering from trauma and addictions and those awakening in consciousness who often have a stronger sense of right and wrong and hold themselves to very high standards. With pine essence, one can open to self forgiveness. When released from self constraints, life becomes easier, freer and more joyous.

For those who say “I am sorry” even when there is nothing for them to be sorry about. Feeling overly guilty for every little thing, they are overly humble and apologetic and harsh on themselves. Often these people have been severely criticized as children. Self criticism and blame are prevalent, causing emotional paralysis. May even accept guilt for things or events that have nothing to do with him/her. May become a scapegoat for others. Often has higher standards for self than others, ones that cannot be met, which increases guilt. Believes punishment is warranted and that love is not deserved. Lacks joy and is often exhausted.


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