Oregon Grape Flower Essence 1 oz. bottle with dropper


From the Flower Essence Society   Balancing Qualities:  develop trust in self and others   Indications:  Expect and fear hostility and often bring it about    Click View for detailed information

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Oregon Grape  (Berbers aquifolium)      

Balancing Qualities: 
This essence helps people develop trust in self and others. It aids in overcoming fear of hostility from others and encourages self love and acceptance, and self nourishment. It helps release fears of  being hurt, or abandoned and being vulnerable. This allows them  to let go of their defensive nature  and offers protection so that they can open to joy.

For those who don’t trust others or their intentions. They fear and expect hostility and often bring it about. They feel left out and unloved. They are also dissatisfied with themselves, being judgmental and self critical.

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