Nicotiana Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


From the Flower Essence Society    Balancing Qualities:  softens blunted feelings, opens the heart      Indications:  emotional numbing through stimulants   Click View for detailed information

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Nicotiana   (Nicotiana alata)

Balancing Qualities:
Nicotiana helps to release the need for stimulants,  lessening and eventually releasing compulsions and numbness. Tobacco has traditionally been used as a healing ally to soften the heart, allowing feelings to flow rather than being numbed. This essence instills the true teachings of sacred tobacco: true peace, comes from being able to feel deeply in the heart and in connection to all living things. It then encourages reverence for self and the Earth.

For those with hardened or blunted feelings who hide behind stimulants and falsify the experience of being alive due to the harsh conditions they find themselves in. They find it difficult to deal with their deep emotions. They feel cut off, isolated and alienated from others and the Earth. They feel unworthy and undeserving, consequently forming destructive patterns of behavior, feeling like victims,  and not caring whether they hurt themselves or the Earth. They use tobacco and other stimulants to numb themselves to carry on, having both and emotional and physical addictions. Their lives become mechanized, even harsh where they take advantage of outer structures and facilities and can even exploit others.

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