Nasturtium Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities:  helps get out of head where fears are created, embellished and dwelt upon.     Indications:  overly dry with excessive mental energy    Click View for detailed information  

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Nasturtium   (Tropaeolum majus)

Balancing Qualities:
This essence helps  get one out of his/her head where fears are created, embellished and dwelt upon.  It works to cleanse the lower body and chakras, and can help flush out parasites and toxins and heal the intestines. It helps balance spleen energy, supporting the immune system, and aiding clear, focused thinking. It opens one’s mind and helps one move out of rigid thought patterns, opening to new possibilities.  It transmutes fear of change into excitement and feeling inspired and energized. It stimulates vitality and open-mindedness. This action uplifts the physical, emotional and energetic bodies.  It brings in a calm and uplifting energy as one begins to balance head and heart. It deepens mediation.  It encourages change when fear and dread make it difficult to make the first move. It is useful to keep the body balanced and grounded so one can stay physically present when needing to do a lot of mental work and having to spend a lot of time in one’s head.

There is an excess of mental activity causing one to feel ungrounded with a buzzy, stimulating energy in the head. These folks have become overly dry and intellectual and are no longer in touch with their emotional selves. Their intense intellectual nature weakens the body and causes temporary lack of concentration and fatigue due to over work. Fears and tiredness take over, masking the real problem, fear of change, and procrastination becomes a way of avoiding dealing with life issues rather than being able to take action to change.

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