Mustard Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities: dispels darkness, gloom, depression, and brings joy         Indications: overpowering gloom and despair    Click View for detailed information

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Mustard  (Sinapis arvensis)     

Balancing Qualities: 
Mustard dispels darkness, gloom and depression, and brings joy to life. It helps one feel like he/she is awakening from a heavy dream, being uplifted and refreshed.

For those living through an overpowering gloom and despair. The gloom descends suddenly in the body with no apparent reason, even during a joyful event. It is an immobile darkness, a weight that imprisons one, lifting only of its own accord. It is like a cold darkness overshadows the person, hiding the light and joy of life. Perhaps the soul is in mourning, since it seems to have a connection to other lifetimes, perhaps from a karmic state or at least from emotions buried in the subconscious. It is almost impossible to be or appear happy during these times.

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