Mimulus Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities: dissolve fears, courage to face everyday events  Indications:  fear of everyday real life things  Click View for detailed description

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Mimulus   (Mimulus guttatus) 

Balancing Qualities:
This essence has the ability to dissolve these fears and worries so that life can take on a happier vibration. It give one courage to face everyday events in one’s life. It may be indicated for long term use to support this delicate soul, since today’s world keeps re- enflaming their fears. When these people begin to see that the fears actually keep attracting the very situations they are trying so hard to avoid, that behavior can begin to change in a conscious way.

For those who have an inordinate fear of everyday real life worldly things: fear of the dark, of illness, poverty, being alone, misfortune, accidents, flying, authorities, crowds, everything. They suffer needlessly about these everyday situations. It is often fear of things that could be actual threats, but that have not materialized. A mimulus baby may cry upon awakening with no apparent reason as if being here is too much. These fears are not spoken of, are held inside, where one bears their dread. It may cause shyness, nervousness, stammering, or talking too much to cover anxiety, lack of courage, vulnerability, and a timid nature. These people are often hypersensitive to their environment, to today’s chaotic world, too much activity and even may have food sensitivities. This essence is helpful for animals too, for instance when they exhibit the same behaviors or show fear at lightening and other loud noises.

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