Milkweed Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities:  supports independence, self reliance and a healthy ego     Indications:  overly dependent, addictive behavior dulls consciousness   Click View for detailed information

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Milkweed   (Asclepias syriaca)

Balancing Qualities:
Milkweed is deeply nourishing to the soul and encourages self  transformation so that they no longer feel helpless. It encourages people to develop inner resources, awaken inner yearnings, and connection to the higher self. It creates clarity, objectivity and spiritual consciousness, helping to overcome grief, despair and fear. They are then able to “take the reins” and direct their own destiny, with a clear sense of who they are. It supports independence, self reliance and a healthy ego.

This essence addresses core wounding related to lack of support and love which impacts present day reality. These folks are overly dependent on others, emotionally needy and unable to handle daily responsibilities. They may turn to addictive substances to dull their consciousness and escape from their grief and despair and the world.



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