Mariposa Lily Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities: awakens maternal consciousness, loving, warmth    Indications: early trauma and lack of nurturing  Click View for detailed description

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Mariposa Lily  (Calochortus leictinii)

Balancing Qualities:
This essence awakens maternal consciousness, loving, warmth and nurturing. It is beneficial to heal the inner child for those who have been deprived of a positive relationship with their mother. It brings a feeling of protection, and fosters confidence, courage and strength through that love and nurturing. It helps people heal painful memories and feeling of the past and be able to connect  more positively to the mothering role. It also supports personal care and self love. It helps the new mother better accept her role, feel love for the baby, express  warmth and nurturing and  take parental responsibility. For the new mother with these past experiences, it helps stop the negative cycle set up previously. This essence is intended for long term use in these instances and is best used as part of a formula with other supporting essences. This can also be used during pregnancy, birth and early childhood (for the whole family) to begin the positive bonding process.

For those who didn’t get enough love and support during their early years or had significant trauma at that time. This could have been from a birth trauma, premature birth, disease early on, parental trauma, as a divorce, abuse or abandonment. These people lock their child aspect up within and can be stubborn, don’t know how to express needs, may be afraid  to be touched, usually feel lonely and hopeless, and may have difficulty with simple social and mothering skills. They don’t feel loved or lovable and often reject the very thing they need the most, love, out of fear of further rejection and disbelief that anyone could love them. At their very core they feel worthless and unlovable and have a deep fear of life itself. They often hold dearly to these beliefs as they have become their identity. These beliefs carry on in one as an adult, continuing the cycle, causing many life difficulties that reflect the childhood trauma. They may also use food or other substances as comfort.

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