Lilac Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities: enhances physical and emotional flexibility, aligns body and subtle body, lightens mood and life outlook, connects to higher levels   Indications: old dysfunctional dense patterns, misalignment, distortions  Click View for detailed description

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Lilac  (Syringa vulgaris)    

Balancing Qualities: 
Aids in correcting posture, aligning and strengthening one’s spine and enhancing physical and emotional flexibility. Also aligns the subtle bodies. It lightens one’s mood and outlook on life, releasing old memories and distortions, allowing room for new more healthy ones to take hold. It lightens one’s load, bringing joy to life and kinesthetic delight to one’s core through the spine. Opens and balances the 3rd eye and crown chakras freeing one to open to and communicate with other dimensional beings and angels

Inflexibility, misalignment, holding onto old dysfunctional dense patterns and emotions, past memories and perceptions, negatively coloring  one’s life that needs transformation.


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