Larch Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities: increases self esteem, releases self imposed limits
Indications: expecting failure, low self confidence  

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Larch  (Larix decidus)

Balancing Qualities:
A very important essence for today’s world where there is so much externally that damages one’s self esteem. Helps release self imposed limitations and greatly increases self-confidence. It frees creative potential and expression for those who otherwise feel self doubt and low self esteem. It releases memories of criticism that have resulted in fears that close down creative and spontaneous expressions. It heals the throat and communication issues. It frees the person of self-limiting behaviors, imbuing a self transcending perspective.

For those who expect failure, feel they will never be a success, lack confidence, don’t feel as capable as others, and thus often don’t even try. Often beginning very early in life or with a carry over from other lives, possesses an attitude of failure with discouragement and unconscious melancholy. Riddled with self doubt, the person expects and accepts limits which in reality are self imposed.



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