Lady’s Mantel Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities: awakens the nurturing mother archetype, brings integrity and clarity about self and purpose  Indications:  exhausted anxious and discouraged from trauma to the heart, sensitive to emfs   Click View for detailed description

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Lady’s Mantel   (Alchemilla vulgaris)

Balancing Qualities:
This essence awakens the nurturing mother archetype, opening one to connect with that essence. It acts as a welcome balm, calming the heart and spirit and offering peaceful comfort and nourishment to the emotional heart. It provides the energy and protection to feel and live within one’s kindness and compassion while maintaining one’s independence. It encourages a higher Divine frequency and  rekindles joy.

This is helpful when one feels discouraged and exhausted, and when one has experienced shock or trauma to the emotional heart, past or present. It can also be trauma from electromagnetic interference. Those in this state are anxious, have difficulty calming the sympathetic nervous system and are often joyless. It is helpful for when one has difficulty loving one’s self or taking in love. Often nurturing from mother when young was absent or inadequate. These people may have trouble connecting with being a mother or adjusting to that role.

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