Inspiration and Creativity Essential Oil and Flower Essence Spray


Inspiration and Creativity  ”I Am Inspired! My Creativity Blossoms”


Inspiration and Creativity

“I Am Inspired. My Creativity Blossoms”

Awaken and feel the inspiration welling up in your heart. Let it move up and connect with your creative spirit.

Flower Essences: Blackberry, Cosmos, Iris, Larch and Shasta Daisy
Essential Oils: Hyssop, Myrtle, Spearmint, and Birch in Blue Solar Love Water and 10% Alcohol

  • Shake and spray around your body and in the air.
  • Breath deeply and take a moment to be still. Feel your affirmation
  • Open and receive the blessings being bestowed upon you. Fill your heart with gratitude.

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