Impatiens Flower Essence 1/2 oz bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities: accepting others uniqueness rather than being critical  Indications: inner tension, irritability  Click View for detailed description

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Impatiens  (Impatiens gladulfera)

Balancing Qualities:
In the positive state, these people are empathic and patient. They are still quick in mind and deed, having an acute intelligence and ability to make good decisions, but understand and act from a higher perspective, seeing and accepting others uniqueness rather than being critical and impatient.

For those who feel inner tension and irritability.  Impatiens is a perfect description of the out of balance qualities. These folks are quick in their thoughts and actions and have difficulty with other’s slower ways. They feel the urge to do things themselves rather than being frustrated by other’s slower behavior or lower standards. They may even push others and be seen as “slave drivers”. They lack empathy for others’ behaviors and style. They can exhibit rapid speech and movements. These people would rather work alone, not interacting with others. They may have physical symptoms such as skin rashes or pains, etc.


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