Hydrangea Flower Essence 1/2 oz bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities:  honest expression of feelings, clears scattered thinking   Indications:  being scattered and chaotic, surpressing  feelings, highly sensitive    Click View for detailed information

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Hydrangea   (Hydrangea macrophylla)  

Balancing Qualities:
Like the flower its self, this essence is able to bring together bits of information into a whole, thus  focusing and clearing the mind when feeling scattered and chaotic. It also helps one be honest in expressing personal truths in a healthy, gentle way, thus healing unexpressed anger and depression harmoniously. This can heal relationships and bring balance, vitality and joy to one’s life.

Helps to release suppressed and repressed emotions, gently. It is also helpful for those who have difficulty focusing their mind and become scattered in their thinking and speaking.  These people are often unable to say no and stand up for themselves. Useful for those who hold in their feelings, letting them fester, and causing a build up of anger and /or depression. They may have been abused or restricted in a harsh way previously. Indicated for those who are highly sensitive, highly gifted people, who can easily be confused or overwhelmed, even those with autistic or Alzheimer tendencies can be helped.

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