Hibiscus Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities:  claims the warmth of the inner feminine     Indicatons:  blocked lower chakras, past trauma, infertility     Click View for detailed information

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Hibiscus  (Malvaceae mutabilis)

Balancing Qualities:
This essence unlocks and strengthens the root chakra allowing one to feel safe in this world of inevitable uncertainty. It helps release trauma and restrictions in the womb and sets one free to “dance with life again”. It stimulates passion and heals reproductive ailments. It assists in the healthy creation of  sex hormones. Gathered in Hawaii, it has the energy of Pele and Hi’iaka who embody the fiery passion of the volcano and sensuality of Hula, bringing these to life. It helps one feel and claim the warmth of the inner feminine nurturing one’s creative passion. It changes one’s outlook from one of limitations, allowing one to lighten up and experience more joy and laughter. It helps one to come into vibrational alignment with one’s desires.


For blocks in the lower chakras and resulting infertility. There may be pent up creative forces not allowing for full expression of one’s sexuality due to related past trauma. There may be layers of vulnerability and fragility created from many experiences in this life and other times. They can remain stored in the DNA and the aura lying beneath the surface and unconsciously effecting daily life. One may feel quite puzzled by these reactions.

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