Golden Yarrow Flower Essence 1/2oz bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities: develops an auric shield encouraging healthy emotional and psychic boundaries Indications: introverted and acutely sensitive  Click View for detailed description

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Yarrow Golden (Achillea clytedata)

Balancing Qualities:
This essence develops an auric sheild around the person, encouraging healthy emotional and psychic boundaries.  It aids the person to stay in integrity without being closed off or withdrawn from others or society. They can then be open to others and active socially while maintaining their own equilibrium.

For those of a delicate nature who have become introverted because they find it difficult to cope with their acute sensitivities. They may isolate, use a false persona, or depend on drugs or other substances for protection. They are often shy and avoid attention, staying away from the lime light. They feel imprisoned by their introversion, but not safe enough to venture out socially. They are sensitized by the opinions of others and society at large.

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