Gentian Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Gentian:   Balancing Qualities:  able to see the possibility of positive outcomes   Indications:  easily discouraged   Click View for detailed information 

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Gentian  (Gentiana Amarella)

Balancing Qualities:
Even though still skeptical, these people are able to see difficulties without falling into discouragement, realizing that even though there is a conflict, there can be a positive outcome.

For those who at times become easily discouraged and downhearted. These occurrences can come about from what they experience is a difficult situation. This is a temporary Gentian state. Some gentian types, however, may tend to be pessimists, looking for what could go wrong, and expecting things to do so. They may even feel uncomfortable if things are not going wrong. Being skeptical, they doubt positive messages from others and from their higher selves.

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