Fuchsia Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities:  transforming repressed emotions, emotionally authentic   Indications: masked emotions and true feelings  Click View for detailed description

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Fushsia  (Fushsia hybrida)

Balancing Qualities: 
This essence aids the individual in experiencing and expressing genuine emotions, thus transforming deep feelings such as anger, grief and rejection, often repressed since early childhood, or even carried over from other live times. This frees the soul to become emotionally authentic. This then leaves room for the experience of true joy and intuitive knowing.

For those who repress their emotions, masking true feelings with false emotionality like crying easily or becoming hysterical or having physical symptoms as a cover for deeply held emotions that feel  too threatening or overwhelming  to express. These folks are very afraid of disappointing others. They lack confidence and self assertiveness, feeling depleted and depressed. They deny or avoid their feelings experiencing mental agony inside.

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