Elecampagne Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities:  connect with one’s intuitive power     Indications:  irrational, primordial fears     Click View for detailed description

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Elecampagne  (Inula  helenium)

Helps to facilitate the integration of newly awakened feelings, insights, and talents. Helps one connect with his/her intuitive power by enhancing one’s receptivity to spiritual frequencies thus relieving fears. It better connects mind and body and balances both sides of the brain..  It can be a Spiritual awakening, opening one to Love, light and service to others. One is able to integrate higher energies in a balanced way. It is useful for uncertain times with rapid change. It has a long folklore history of magical uses

For primordial fears with fight or flight instinct activated. For irrational fears, sometimes coming out of “nowhere”. Extreme stress and mood fluctuation, may exhibit hypoglycemia and cravings during pregnancy. Environmental toxins and other pollutants put one “on edge”. Sad heart due to being uprooted from home, and/or family. For fear that scares one out of breath or makes the hair stand up on end.

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