Corn Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities:  a calm environment allows for natural enthusiasm     Indications:  disoriented in congested areas      Click View for detailed description

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Corn   (Zea mays)

Balancing Qualities: 
Corn people need a calm and healthy environment in order to function well.  They then can allow their natural enthusiasm and mental vitality to emerge and live in the moment with exuberant energy. They then express their natural abilities and positive attitude and take initiative with fresh ideas. This essence facilitates this even in less than ideal situations. 

For those who feel considerable discomfort in congested restricted areas and in technological environments.  They tend to feel exhausted, sluggish and  lethargic. Their energy is blocked and they are unresponsive and resistant. They are unable to stay centered and grounded and become disoriented.

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