Blue Eyed Grass Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities: separating from other’s dysfunctional behaviors     Indications:  caught in entanglements      Click View for detailed information

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Blue Eyed Grass  (Sisyrinchium bellum)

Balancing Qualities:
Assists one is separating from another’s self-destructive behavior, helping one to distance from entanglements and illusions of “saving” another. Redirects the focus to be on the self, one’s own path, on self respect, emotional wellness and away from the drama and the co-dependence. Brings spiritual insight into the causes of the unhealthy patterns and allows one to “love at a distance” without enmeshment. Helps one to “stay strong”, love at a distance, and show the other person that you will be there when they come  out of their negative spiral.  

Caught in entanglements of unhappy dysfunctional relationships like abuse, drama  and trauma.

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