Beech Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


From the Flower Essence Society   Balancing Qualities:  self understanding and softening of interactions      Indications:  intolerance, arrogant, condemning   Click View for detailed information

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Beech   (Fagus sylvatica)

Balancing Qualities:
This essences helps release both condemnation and prejudice toward others. It also increases tolerance and compassion, transforming criticism into understanding. These people are then able to experience sensitivity, tolerance and even love for those with different perspectives. They become more flexible with others and in relationships and happier in their lives.

The main characteristic of a beech personality is one of rigidity and intolerance. These people are irritable, arrogant and condemning. Their lives are full of judgments, and criticism, related to their own high standards for others. They have often been treated with humiliation and even hatred and therefore have a battered self esteem. They then use the same tactics on others. They defend against such feelings with an attitude of superiority, as a shield to protect them from the emotional pain, which they deny. They heartily avoid any fault,  although they often have deeply buried guilt, shame and loneliness, never being able to relax and enjoy life. People tend to avoid them for fear of being the target of their criticisms so they are often loners. They don’t see the effects of their negative behavior on others, feeling justified. Sometimes this behavior can be subtle, not overt and easy for the unsuspecting recipient to notice, especially at first.

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