Angel’s Trumpet Flower Essence 1/2oz. bottle with dropper


Balancing Qualities:  courage, profound soul openings     Indications:  fear of transitions     Click View for detailed information

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Angel’s Trumpet  (Datura spp)

Balancing  Qualities:
Helping one let go of old familiar and cherished beliefs and ways of being that hold one in the old paradigm . Brings courage and the willingness to change, to view life differently, from a higher perspective beyond the limitations of the intellect and present reality. This essence is appropriate for all life transitions, at times of birth and death and other major transitions that are profound soul openings. It encourages deep inner visionary states and mystical and spiritual experiences. It enhances meditation and shamanic journeys.

Fear of change, transitions, and connecting with one’s higher self.  Also fear of loss of control, confusion,, feeling existential loneliness, shattered dreams, meaninglessness, disillusionment, being “spaced out”…

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