Agrimony Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper


From the Flower Essence Society     Balancing Qualities: acknowledging authentic feelings      Indications:  Masking worries              Click View for detailed information

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Agrimony   (Agrimonia epupatoria)    

Balancing Qualities:
Agrimony brings one the quality of authenticity to help get in touch with and accept one’s  true feelings. It supports becoming aware of hidden anxiety and painful feelings rather than hiding them and holding them inside. It allows one to view one’s problems with the proper perspective, without being afraid of them or thinking it is bad to have such feelings. This can be beneficial in releasing addictive patterns as well as finding a sense of deep inner peace.  It can then open one up to a genuine inner joyfulness, trust and optimism.

For those who are inwardly troubled. They worry excessively, yet present a cheerful front, making light of their own troubles, trying to ignore them. They go out of their way to be kind and helpful to others, downplaying their own feelings. This makes them popular with others without much motivation to change their ways. They tend to also hid their feelings from themselves as well, fearing confronting them. As a result, they often turn to addictive behaviors, like alcohol, drugs, or food to mask their feelings and avoid inner reflection. This pattern of hiding deeply rooted pain often begins in childhood where they were taught not to show negative feelings, and were told to be socially proper. They thus learned to hide behind a cheerful facade.

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