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Organic Dark Chocolate, Organic Licorice Root, Stevia, Organic Erythritol, Xanthan Gum, Flavored with Essential Oils of Mint or Orange.

          "Because you love chocolate and
                           you care about your health!"

People love chocolate. I love chocolate. Imagine drinking a divine, dark chocolate elixir — creamy rich, naturally sweet, bursting with goodness— and without the worries of sugar!

As you drink this magic potion, your body is being flooded with antioxidants, more than are in red wine and green tea and even vegetables! Meanwhile, your brain is showered with mood enhancing substances to help you see life in a more positive light. No wonder we crave chocolate! It makes the world a better place in which to live.

 Being an herbalist, a chocolate lover and a health conscious person who refused to give up the joy of having chocolate, I was determined to find a way to enjoy it without sugar. We all know about the effects of sugar. Like it or not, it is not healthy. But chocolate is! No wonder ancient people revered it as an elixir of the gods! After several months of experimentation, I developed this delicious blend of rich, dark chocolate with just the right amount of natural sweetness to make it irresistible. It is deeply satisfying and relieves sweet cravings too! What more could you ask?

If you are health conscious and love rich, dark chocolate with a bit of healthy sweetness, this cocoa is for you. Make it hot, have it cold, and even as a pudding. There is simply no better choice. Here's to joy and health, naturally! Enjoy! It's made with Love.

Carolyn Kelley 

We're Organic!

          "Celebrating Nature's Gifts"

Our hot chocolate is made with Organic Dark Chocolate, Organic Licorice Root & Organic Erythritol. We believe in Organic and Sustainable Agriculture, and we support the responsible beliefs & efforts of Organic Farmers. To find out more, visit our main web site,

safe for diabetics
low fat low carbs no sugar