in joy organics

Dieter's Delight

          "No Sugar, Low Fat, Low Calorie,
               Low Glycemic Index, Safe for Diabetics..."

for the Love of Chocolate Cocoa Mix allows us to enjoy chocolate without the side effects of sugar.

Filling & satisfying, for the Love of Chocolate Cocoa Mix curbs sweet cravings with only 3 carbs and 22 calories per serving. Substances in chocolate stimulate endorphin secretion and promote a general sense of well being. These substances relieve cravings that are independent from hunger. The saturated fat in cocoa is not effectively absorbed by the body and is thus excreted without harm. What is not excreted is converted by the body into oleic acid, a heart healthy fat also found in olive oil.

These are all important facts for diabetics, those following a weight-conscious diet as well as adults and children concerned with good health.

People love chocolate. Imagine drinking a divine, dark chocolate elixir— creamy rich, naturally sweet, bursting with goodness— and without the worries of sugar!

safe for diabetics
low fat low carbs no sugar