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Carolyn Kelley, (Founder)

Herbal Energetics ~ inJoy Organics

Celebrating Nature's Gifts Since 1990

Herbal Energetics is a multi-dimensional, herbal cottage industry offering a wide variety of handcrafted organic herbal products. Our InJoy Organics division offer the same high quality in foods, beverages and supplements with healthy alternatives to regular salt and sugar. Together, the intentions of both Herbal Energetics and InJoy Organics is to brighten your day, lighten your load and contribute to your experience of joyous, conscious healthy living. Join us in celebration nature’s gifts….

Enjoy/Injoy,  Carolyn                                                  

You will notice a number of our tincture combinations are missing.  We are working with the FDA to come into compliance. Give us a call with any questions you might have. 

See Carolyn's Blog for April 7th to see what is facing all herbalist trying to comply with FDA Regulations"

We are asking you to lend your support with this affirmation:  "With gratitude we call on divine support seeing this situation being resolved successfully, harmoniously and quickly in our favor."  Thank You!!




Add Citriu C or Chia C  during this
cold season for extra Vitamin C

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