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The Health Benefits of Cocoa

          "An effective antioxidant—better than red wine or green tea. An amazing mood enhancer."

Dark chocolate has been called an antidepressant, an energy booster, a euphoriant, a toner, and by many chocolate lovers, a health food. Now evidence is showing that this is true!

Chocolate is a virtual pharmacopoeia containing hundreds of important properties. Specific properties in chocolate stimulate endorphin secretion, influencing mood and promoting a general sense of well being. These properties relieve cravings that are independent from hunger as well. Specifically, small amounts of caffeine increase resistance to fatigue, heighten intellectual activity and focus and awaken the brain to stimulate serotonin. Phenylathlyamine and serotonin assist in correcting nervous depression.

Chocolate contains many biologically active constituents that influence health, providing protection against heart disease, high blood pressure, and many other health problems while building resistance and fighting fatigue. Studies indicate that the flavonols and procyanidins in chocolate provide high antioxidant properties and may have anti-carcinogenic effects. Chocolate is a balanced food containing small amounts of the three food categories: carbohydrates (including fiber), proteins, and fats. It also contains considerable amounts of magnesium and potassium, smaller amounts of calcium and iron and trace elements essential to good health. Vitamin A, B, B2, D & E are also found in chocolate.

Cocoa has a positive effect on lipid metabolism, which may contribute to anti-inflammatory properties. The saturated fat in cocoa is not effectively absorbed by the body and is thus excreted without harm. What is not excreted is converted by the body into oleic acid, a heart healthy fat also found in olive oil. Chocolate has been shown to inhibit LDL oxidation better than red wine and green tea as well as some vegetables and is likely to give the same cardiovascular protection as these foods. It appears to reduce platelet aggregation and vasoconstriction as well. It can thus be considered a 'functional food' to help reduce coronary heart disease, especially for those with elevated cholesterol levels. Polyphenols in cocoa, being effective free radical scavengers, are responsible for preventing damage by oxygen free radicals, a major cause of DNA damage. The theobromine in chocolate stimulates the central nervous system, relaxes smooth muscles and aids heart action. Recent studies suggest it also aids in reducing coughs. No doubt more research will reveal additional information about chocolate's amazing properties.

It is no wonder that people are naturally drawn to chocolate! It truly is a gift of the gods. Order your healthy chocolate today!

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