Filaree Flower Essence  1/2 oz.  bottle with dropper View full size

Filaree Flower Essence 1/2 oz. bottle with dropper

Balancing Qualities:  step back and gain a larger perspective on life    Indications:   Preoccupation with the mundane, OCD      Click View for detailed description

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Filaree  (Erodjum cicutarium)

Balancing Qualities:
This flower assists people in gaining a larger perspective on daily life, thus seeing a wider viewpoint on events of their lives. They gain a more cosmic view of life, holding everyday events in perspective. It helps the individual step back and see the larger picture so that mundane issues don't interfere  with the joy of living life.

For those who have an excessive and disproportionate preoccupation with mundane daily issues. Such people exhibit obsessive compulsive tendencies with disproportionate  worry and concern over every detail. They worry obsessively, are tense and  become fixated on every little thing. They are caught being hyper focused on small, inconsequential details and self concern.

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