Journey Within celebrates 20 years of service, housed in a peaceful country setting with an inviting informal atmosphere, away from the complexities of the everyday world!

Learning & Wellness Center offering a holistic integrative approach to health and wellness. 

Your own personal journey is the most important one you will ever take. As the facilitator of the journey, Carolyn's intention is to support your process and assist you in restructuring perceptions and beliefs that no longer serve you. We live in a fast-paced, rapidly changing world full of challenges to our harmony and well-being. New awareness in the fields of science and spirituality help us raise our consciousness and flourish! Carolyn will guide you in experiencing the power of presence and understanding the implications of the law of attraction while introducing and integrating the use of herbs and other natural modalities. This will empower you to create more harmony and health in your life bringing deeper joy in being alive.  


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"The world is but a reflection of what we think. As we change our thoughts, so too we change our world."


Journey Within Learning & Welness Center