Seaweed Salts Spotlight

  • 1/2 the sodium of regular salt.
  • Hand harvested organic seaweeds and sea salt
  • 56 vital micronurients, including iodine (which is critical for thyroid health), calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous,
  • iron, sodium chloride, selenium, copper, manganese,
  • chromium, zinc, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12, C and E, protein (more than meat), carbohydrates,
  • more calcium than milk, easily assimilated by the body

Health Benefits of Seaweed Salts

• Seaweeds are cooling and grounding, they alkalize the blood, and they are useful in weight loss programs, and for lowering fat and cholesterol.

 They cleanse and detoxify the liver and lymph systems, removing toxic materials previously ingested or taken in through the air, actually transforming the toxins into harmless salts! In this way they can remove radiation residues in the body and protect against radioactive pollution and heavy metal contamination.

 They can soften and reduce swellings and hardened areas, soothe and moisten dryness, rejuvenate the lungs, mucus membranes, and the intestinal tract.

 Seaweeds relieve coughs and asthma and can increase the depth of breath.

 They are natural fungicides helpful for candida yeast overgrowth. They possess anti-viral properties as well.

 They help restore tired muscles, benefit the kidneys and have a diuretic effect.

 Seaweeds have been used for anemia, arthritis, high blood pressure, prostate and ovarian conditions, hormonal imbalances, edema, and blood clots. They can even inhibit tumor growth.


What People Are Saying About Seaweed Salts

"They are so good, my family uses them on everything. My three year old won't eat his eggs without them." Lisa Tucker"

I can't believe how good they are. I have introduced them to several of my friends already and they are all really enjoying them." Karen Cail

"I tried the Sea Shakes Dip recipe, it was so easy to make, and I came away with a gourmet dip that I served to my in-laws...and boy were they impressed! After they left my husband and I finished off the rest of the dip, and it was yummy and guilt free!" Wendy Stevens

"They make seasoning a snap!" Pat Orian

"I love being able to get seaweed into my diet every day and in such a yummy way." Ginny Dean

"Seaweed is so good for my family and they love it in these shakes." Rolanda Pearl

"These Sea Shakes really enhance the taste of everything I eat. I just love them. I even take them with me everywhere I go!" Joy Towne

"My five year old daughter doesn't like to eat meat. She loves the Herb Sea Shakes which delights me because she's getting her nutrients that way." Tom Burkett"

"It is great to use a healthy salt." Greg Turner

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