Flower Essences

 Flower Essence Attributes and Indications

Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria):  Helps those who try to mask a heavy heart, emotional pain or anxiety with cheerfulness and enthusiasm or addictive behaviors and sedation to hid feelings from self and others.

Angelica  (Angelica archangelica):  Transforming overall intellectual orientation, helping one open to the presence of the angelic realm. Perceiving being guided, protected and cared for.  Brings, feelings of being spiritually connected.

Aspen  (Populus tremula):  Relieves anxiety and fear of the unknown. Brings calm to those who are apprehensive and fearful for no apparent reason and to those who experience nightmares.  Brings a sense of courage and trust to meet the unknown.

Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila menziesii):  Helps restore original innocence and trust, feeling at home in the world, at ease with oneself and connected with the Spiritual world. For those who are unsure of themselves and are unable to trust the goodness of others and the world, esp. male authorities. Lacking emotional support, guidance and protection in childhood, esp. from father; developing a defensive shell and or intellectual cynicism.

Basil  (Ocimum basilicum):  For those who attempt to separate their sexual experiences from sacred wholeness.Integrating spirituality with sexuality in a conscious unity.

Beach Rose  (Rosa Rugosa):  Like Wild Rose this addresses the will to live and finding joy in life.  Beach Rose addresses this through connection with the ocean, bringing renewal and hope.

Blackberry  (Rubus ursinus):  Exuberant manifestation of goals and ideals into focused will and decisive action.

Black Cohosh  (cimicifuga racemosa):  For those caught in abusive or addictive life situations and brooding emotions.This essence addresses the shadow aspect of one’s self and brings courage to confront arising issues so that one doesn‘t keep “drawing” them into his/her life.

Black-Eyed Susan  (Rudbeckia hirta):  A catalyst for opening and releasing old pain and trauma. Brings conscious awareness to hidden aspects of the psyche so that they may be transformed.

Bleeding Heart  (Dicentra formosa):  Loving unconditionally with an open heart.  Also brings compassionate support for self during challenges, ie. broken-heartedness and anguish over loss of a relationship with a loved one.

Borage  (Borago officinalis):  Brings buoyancy, confidence and courage to uplift a heavy heart.

Blood Root  (Sanguinaria cansdensis):  Helps release and heal unhealthy inherited genetic codes, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Opens one to his/her potential free of limiting beliefs and behaviors and taps inner resources aiding one to move forward.

Buttercup  (Ranunculacea):  Ability to acknowledge one’s uniqueness and inner light without attachment to the outcome.  Simplicity and humbleness are positive indications of the Radiant Inner light.

Calendula  (Calendula officinalis):  Brings gentle warmth and receptivity to ones communication with others.  Helps release the tendency to use cutting remarks or hurtful words.

California Poppy  (Eschschozia californica):  For those who have a tendency to seek externally for the light of spirit which is truly found deep within.  Developing an inner core of knowing in the heart.

California Wild Rose (Rosa California):  For those who, fearing life, hold back, are apathetic or resigned and can, become isolated. It stimulates forces of the heart allowing one to find enthusiasm for earthly life, for love and service.

Calla Lily  (Zantedeschia aethipica): Helps one be clear about sexual identity and acceptance. Often those who have this confusion have a unconscious memory of an androgenous state in the Spiritual world.

Cayenne  (Capsicum annuum):  Provides an energetic spark to stagnation, procrastination, or resistance, removing blocks to ones progress and motivation to accept life’s challenges.

Chamomile  (Matricaria recutita):  Brings emotional balance and calm to irritability and moodiness;  releases emotional  tensions. Especially helpful for children.  Can be used with SOS.

Cherry  (Prunus avium):  Revitailzes and brings delight into daily life. Strengthens one’s ability to withstand gloom, everyday blues and depression of others. Opens the heart to accepting others where they are without resentment and releases tensions allowing one to be more open to love and romance.

Celandine  (Ranunculus ficaria):  Aids with communication, especially in stressful situations where possible miscommunications can happen. Helps in articulation and absorbing information. Enhances both giving and receiving informaiton.  It also aids inner vision and telpathic abilities.

Cherry Plum  (Prunus cerasifera):  Helps to release the fear of losing control physically, emotionally, or mentally from life’s pressures.  This remedy in SOS Rescue helps one surrender and trust in a Higher Power.

Chestnut Bud  (Aesculus hippocastanum):  Aids the individual in gaining insight into ones’ life experience so that old compulsions, repetitions, and patterns can be broken rather than repeated.

Chicory  (Cichorium intybus):  Helps one to clear emotional congestion which manifests as possessiveness, manipulation, neediness and temper tantrum.  Brings selfless love and respect to the individuality of others

Cinquefoil  (Potentilla spp.)  Helps to create harmony in potentially tense interactions.

Clematis  (Clematis vitalba):  Assists those individuals who have an overly strong inner life and are prone to daydreaming to find satisfaction in awake, focused presence and embodiment in the here and now.

Corn  (Zea Mays):  Corn grounds spirituality in the body helping one feel aligned with the earth.  Also helps one find peace within the limits of physical existence. 

Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus):  integration of ideas and speech, helping one express thoughts with clarity and focus.

Crab Apple (Malus sylvestris):  Brings a sense of inner purity to those who feel unclean or impure in some way.  Can also be used to wash food.

Daffodil (Narcisus pseudonarcisss):  Transforming self criticism, frustration and depression into self acceptance, self love, and free expression.

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale):  Releases body tension and the tendency to hard drive and over strive.  Encourages effortless activity and ease.

Deer Brush (Caenothus integerrimus):  Helps those individuals who desire to focus their intention on finding their truthfulness and clarity of purpose.

Dill ((Anethum graveolens):  Being able to experience and absorb to fullness of life with all the senses.  For those who become easily over stimulated and are hypersensitive to the environment.  Particularly helpful in today’s stressful world.

Dogwood (Cornus nuttallii):  Brings a state of grace and gentleness to the body and soul by expanding the etheric body and softening the physical body and the emotions.  For those who have been harshly treated and tend to repeat old patterns. With grace one feels a gentleness and inner peace.

Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea):  Feeling divine protection.  Especially helpful for those who feel shattered by their life experiences.  It helps restore one’s core identity, bringing a sense of wholeness.

Elecampagne  (Inula helenium):  Facilitates integration of newly awakened feelings, insights and talents, allowing one to identify with and balance them in one’s self.

Elderflower (Sambucus nigra):  Open one’s wisdom and brings a bit of magic and joy back into life.  Restores inner strength, rejuvenation, meaning and a sense of worth.

Elm (Ulmus procera):  Helps persons who usually rise to the occasion, but at times feel overwhelmed and discouraged by too much responsibility.

Evening Primrose  (Oenothera hookeri):  Becoming aware of painful early emotions often absorbed from the mother and healing those feeling thus being able to open emotionally and form deep connected relationships. Helps one recognize and use one’s own value and power; aids self esteem. 

Fawn Lily  (Erythronium purpurascens):  Integrating highly developed spiritual forces within the modern world, overcoming the tendency to withdraw into spiritual pursuits to protect oneself.  Helps gain the ability to be involved in the physical world, drawing strength and vitality from the natural world thus evolving the soul, participating in everyday life and sharing one’s gifts.

Feverfew (Chrysanthemum parthenium):  Brings softness, calmness and inner serenity especially when inner tension and conflicting emotions are present.  Helpful for animals as well.

Forget-me-not (Myosotis arvensis): Guides one towards love and awareness of soul based relationships. Aiding one in making connections with souls in a heartfelt, loving conscious way. Helpful for those who have lost loved ones in childhood and have not resolved the feelings of isolation and abandonment. Also for expectant parents to develop a conscious link with their unborn child and when one wants to understand the karmic soul connections in a current challenging relationship.

Forsythia (Forsythia suspensa):  Brings joyous light of Divine presence, especially when one feels weighted down by life.

Foxglove, Yellow  (Digitalis lutea scrophulariaceae):  Promotes balance and harmony, negating self- punishment, low self esteem and eating disorders, helping to balance emotional disturbances often a result of birth trauma, spiritual trauma at birth, relationship problems with mother or adoption.

Garlic (Allum sativum):  Restores wholeness and integrity to those who feel negatively influenced by physical or psychic energies, draining one both physically and emotionally.

Gentian (Gentiana amerella):  For those who are easily discouraged when set backs occur.

Golden Yarrow (Achillea clytedata):  Brings protection to those with a delicate, gentle nature who have become introverted because they find it hard to cope with their accute sensitivities.

Goldenrod (Solidago californica):  Helps those who are easily influenced by others or compromise their beliefs to win approval and acceptance.

Gravel Root  (Eupatorium purpureum):  Helpful for those who are lonely or fear being alone, relieving anxiety over relationships and friendships.

Hawthorne (Cragus Oxyacentha):  Brings comfort for those who feel broken hearted, intense grief, remorse.  Balances the emotional heart.

Heartease (Viola tricolor):  Also called Johnny Jump Ups.  Helps heal emotional pain, especially related to betrayal.  It is upliting for those who feel hurt, rejected, broken hearted or lonely.

Holly  (Lex aquifolium):  Is benificial for those who feel cut off from their positive emotions, especially love, causing       unhealthy expressions of anger, jealousy, or suspicion.

Honeysuckle (Lonicera caprifolium):  Helps the soul who longs for or still lives in the past

Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus):  For those persons who have become weary of monotonous routines, this remedy helps them face the tasks of everyday life with more vitality and joy.

Impatiens (Impatiens gladulfera):  Evokes patience, and the ability to flow with life.  Helps those souls who become easily irritated, frustrated, impatient or intolerant with others and life’s situations. Is in SOS Rescue.

Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja Minata):  Grounds and energizes the body for exuberant creativity, thus harnessing spriitual forces which energizes and enhances creative expression and manifestation.  Helpful for those who use effort to accomplish their tasks thus feeling low vitality and exhaustion.

Indian Pink  (Silene californica):  An extremely important essence for today’s world.  For those attracted to doing many things at once and with much intensity, they feel the agitation of the outer world becoming tense, depleted and emotionally  vulnerable.  This essence helps one find one’s center and remain connected, being more self-contained, focused and centered, thus being able to effectively manage diverse activities.

Indian Pipe  (Monotropa uniflora):  To help one develop sensitivity and receptivity to a higher consciousness, of the Love vibration, expanding one’s awareness of the Presence of Universal Love and the interconnection of all beings.

Iris (Iris versicolor):  Opens one to higher realms bringing inspired artistry, creativity and beauty into manifestation. Releases feeling of being weighted down by the ordinary world, bringing soul vitality and vibrancy.

Jack-in-The-Pulpit  (Arisaema triphllum):  Clearing one’s path to authentic spirituality and true spiritual insight.

Japanese Flowering Cherry (Purnus serrata japaconia):  Encourages gentleness, beingness and inner peace.

Japanese Knotweed  (Polygonum cuspidatum):  Enhances group awareness and group experience.  Increases sensitivity and psychic awareness, bringing calmness and energy.

Lady’s Mantel  (Alchemilla vulgaris): Helps one feel a spiritual peace deep within. Balances one’s electrical and nervous systems for those who have difficulty calming down, feeling hyperactive or anxious, esp. from emotional shock to the heart.

Lady’s Slipper (Cypripedium Reginae):  Aids in grounding spirituality and being able to intergrate spritual purpose with daily life thus assisting one in feeling his or her inner authority rather than feeling nervous exhaustion and depleted.  Awakens one’s relationship with nature, the beauty of the Earth and humans.

Larch (Latrix decidua):  Brings confidence and frees creative potential and expression to individuals who suffer from low self-esteem, self doubt, lack of confidence and shyness.

Lavender (Lavendula officinalis):  For over stimulation of spiritual energies. Helps high strung, highly sensitive persons to relax and protect themselves from depleting their inner energy stores.

Lily of the Valley  (Convallaria majalis):  Releases fear of sharing love and opens one’s heart to spreading love and manifesting divine abundance.

Lilac  (Syringa vulgaris):  Brings the light of the divine into one’s core through the spine.  Aids in aligning and strengthening one’s spine and enhancing physical and emotional flexibility.

Mallow  (Sidalcea glauscons):  Opens barriers to the social life, bringing warmth and friendliness to interactions with others. 

Manzanita  (Arctostaphylos viscida):  Helps soften one’s relationship to the physical world and encourages the soul’s involvement in physical reality. For those who have an aversion to the physical world and body which can cause harsh restrictions about the body, eating and life in general, resulting in many physical illnesses, despite a “healthy” life style.

Maple  (Acer rubum):  Acknowledges the sweetness of life as a Divine manifestation melting self-doubt and ambivalence about incarnation, bringing self-confidence and strengthening one’s connection to the Divine while in the body.

Mariposa Lily  (Calochortus leictlnii):  Is beneficial to heal the inner child for those who have been deprived of a positive relationship with their mother whether from trauma, abuse or abandonment.  It is also helpful for mother and child bonding during pregnancy, birth and early childhood.

Milk Weed  (Asciepia cordifolia):  Encourages independence, and self reliance, bringing a healthy ego.  For those who have difficulty being independent.  They may dull consciousness through addictive behaviors to escape from self-awareness.

Morning Glory  (Ipomoea purpurea):  Helps those who find it difficult to incarnate in their bodies especially after waking in the morning.  It is also indicated for those who suffer from addictions and/or exhibit erratic behavior patterns.

Mountain Pennyroyal  (Monardella odoratissima): Helpful for those whose mental field becomes devitalized by negative thought forms, often unconsciously absorbed. It helps cleanse the mental body, leading to greater clarity and vitality.

Mullien  (Verbascum thapsus):  Hearing one’s inner voice and conscience without avoidance or deceiving oneself or others.  Facing who one is in truthfulness. Living personal authenticity.

Mustard  (Sinapis arvensis):  Uplifting for those who feel despair or melancholic, often felt as body heaviness, with no specific cause.  “Faith of the mustard seed” brings warmth, hope and courage.

Nasturtium  (Tropaeolum majus):  Is indicated for those souls who have become overly dry and intellectual and are no longer in touch with their emotional selves.

Oak (Quercus robur):  Helps those who have become too rigid or inflexible because they have a such a strong will. It helps one accept limits and the grace of surrender and to be able to receive help. 

Penstemon (Penstemon davidsonii):  For those souls who have been victimized or dealt harsh blows in their lives, this remedy helps them to persevere and find their inner strength to go on.

Peppermint (Mentha piperta):  Helps the individual to stay alert, mentally clear and present in the body.

Pine  (Pineus sylvestris):  Is indicated for those who have undue guilt, self blame and are self critical.

Pink Yarrow  (Achillea millefollum):  For those who take on others issues. This provides appropriate boundaries for those souls who become overly sympathetic and identify with others problems, becoming emotionally attached

Pinks, Sweet Williams (Dianthus chinensis): For feelings of separation, despair, apathy and loneliness; no connection to others. This essence will move you within, allowing spirit to open your heart so that you can feel whole again and worthy of feeling the joy of life. In the process you will nurture yourself, feel the interconnectedness to others and excitement in life.

Pomegranate (Punica granatum): Aids women in being able to fully realize their creative forces, balancing being actively nurturing and productive in the world and with family.

Queen Anne’s Lace  (Daucus carota):  Assists the soul in recognizing one’s own spiritual insight and vision and integrating it with physical and emotional life;  seeing clearly “what is”  without distortion.

Quince  (Chaenomeles speciosa):  Helpful for those who need to balance their feminine nurturing, gentle qualities with their more masculine qualities of strength and dignity.

Rabbitbrush  (Chrysothamnus nauseousus):  Helps one to be able to focus and pay attention to details while maintaining an awareness of the big picture without becoming overwhelmed by it all.

Red Clover  (Trifolium pratense):  Assists the soul in maintaining its individuality in times of mass hysteria, emergencies or in family crisis.

Red Tiger Lily (Lilum philadelphicum):  Awakening to one’s inner purpose and being able to experience the joy of life. 

Rose (Rosa spp.):  The most universally loved and recognized flower, for good reason. It has the highest vibration of any flower on the planet. It represents love, compassion, affection, purity, passion. It lifts one’s energy, bring in these qualities and helping one to keep it all together especially in trying times and transitions.

Sage  (Salvia officinalis):  Brings wonder from life’s experiences and connection to Higher Self so we are able to act from consciousness/gratitude and wisdom.  Reviewing one’s life from a higher perspective and purpose.

St John’s Wort  (Hypericum perforqtum):  Helps those who are light sensitive, fair skinned, are prone to allergies and environmental stress.  Assists in grounding those who get “lost in the light” or experience deep fears and nightmares.

Scotch Broom  (Cytisus scoparuis):  Helps the individual who gets caught up in the doom and gloom of world events (as presented by the media especially), feeling weighted and depressed by it all to the extent of feeling “what’s the use?”

Self - Heal  (Prunella bulgaris):  Brings the ability to be insightful and to balance analytic thinking with holistic overview.

Shasta Daisy (Chrysanthemum maximum): For those who over intellectualize life, seeing information as bits and pieces rather than a parts of the whole. Helps synthesize concepts into a mandalic whole.

Snap Dragon  (Antirrhinum magjus):  For mental agitation expressed verbally.  Aids in releasing tension and enhancing creativity and logic.

Snow on the Mountain  (Aegopodium podagraria ‘Variegatum):  A gentle release of trauma, surrounding one with gentleness and grace.

S.O.S. Rescue (Combines remedies of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose):  Assists the soul in relaxing and staying connected with the physical body during times of stress, trauma, panic and any other acute situations, including surgery or accidents.

Spirit Flower   This flower brings a welcome connection to the higher self, which allows an opening of that energy into physical reality.

Star of Bethlehem  (Ornithogalum umbellatum):  Helps to calm and heal a person after experiencing a shock or trauma, past or present.  It is the great comforter. Is in SOS Rescue.

Sticky Monkeyflower  (Mimulus aurantiacus):  Overcoming deep fear of intimacy and human relationships, fearing exposure of the true self to another.  Opens one to authentic emotions from the heart, bringing warmth and true expressions of love rather than merely engaging in superficial sexual relationships.

Sumac  (Rhus glabra):  Helpful for those who feel they have missed life or have been passed by.  Helps maintain a connection with one’s heart in difficult times, bringing strength and stamina.

Sunflower  (Helianthus annuus):  Assists those with low self-esteem or an inflated sense of self, often due to a poor relationship with the father, to allow balance so that their own true sunny nature shines through.

Sweet Chestnut  (Castanea saliva):  Is important for those who are experiencing the “dark night of the soul”, extreme despair and anguish and even thoughts of suicide.

Sweet Pea  (Lathyrus latifolus):  For those who have trouble feeling connected with family or community, and move from one place to another, unable to form true social bonds of caring.

Tansy  (Tanacetum vulgare):  Releasing procrastination and other patterns that undermine goals and positive purposeful actions.  Helping on to be consciously self directed.

Thyme (Thymus valgaris):  For those how find themselves working under pressure, struggling with not having enough time.  This enhances concentration and energy harmonizing time issues.  It also amplifies other flower essences in their effects.

Trillum  (Trillum chloropetalum):  Assists those who have become obsessed with desire for power and material possessions to shift their awareness from the purely physical plane to that of a trans personal level where they can discover their sense of well-being in relationship to their Higher Selves.

Trumpet Vine  (Campsis tagliabuanas):  Helps those individuals who have speech impediments, who stutter or speak in a dull, mechanical way without inflection or vitality, or who have difficulty in articulating due to nervousness or fear.

Turtlehead or Balmony (Chelone glabra): Brings the courage to be self reflective and release whatever is holding us back while being grounded by Mother Earth. It gives us the courage to “stick out necks out” and fulfill our purpose.

Vervain  (Verbena officinalis):  For those with passionate ideals whose intensity can overwhelm and put off others. Also for those who manifest physical and mental tension.  For those not connected to the body who  push beyond their own limits.

Vine  (Vitis vinferra):  Helps those with domineering personalities to acquire tolerance for another’s individuality.

Violet  (Viola oderata):  Is beneficial for those souls who are profoundly shy and have a tendency to hide behind a mask of aloofness.

Walnut  (Juglans regia):  Assists the soul in all life transitions and change;  brings courage when embarking on one’s own life-journey.  (Helpful for any new beginnings)  For unwavering in times of transformation or breaking ties.

Water Lily  (Nymphcea odorata):  Aids one in accepting and loving one’s physical form.  Opens one to accepting his/her physical beauty without vanity.  Aids those with eating disorders. Helps release the numbing of emotions. 

White Chestnut  (Aesculus hippocastanum):  Quiets the “monkey-mind”, alleviates worrisome repetitive thoughts.

Wild Geranium (Geranium maculatum):  Helps bring joy and happiness and aids one in bringing a positive initiative into daily life, counteracting depression. Helps one to work on projects and bring them to completion.

Wild Lettuce (Lactuca candensis): For restlessness and too much outer activity as excitability, agitated thoughts, emotional congestion, and inability to concentrate, this essence brings inner quietude, clear communications, successful undertakings, ability to speak one’s truth, decisiveness, and inner strength. This is very helpful for children and animals as well.

Wild Rose  (Rosa canina):  Benefits those individuals who have lost their joy in life, their hope, and in extreme cases their will to go on.  There is a feeling of “What’s the use?”

Wild Strawberry  (Fragatia virginiana):  Helps one to ground and center, creating self-confidence and self acceptance. Eases guilt from the past or past lives, freeing one to more fully move forward with one’s current life.

Willow  (Saliz vitellna):  Helps persons to be able to “go with the flow” of life, to remain flexible and accepting of life’s circumstances without becoming resentful or bitter.

Wood Betony  (Stachys officinalis)  For those who like to be alone, but are attempting to find authentic ways of connecting with others.

Wormwood  (Artemisia absinthiuim)  Aids in the removal of unconscious imprints and cords so that one can let go of identities based on lower level consciousness of woundedness allowing one to break out of old patterns attached to the heart.

Yarrow  (Achillea millefolium):  Protects the soul from any negativity coming from others or the environment, brings out the strength and luminosity of the aura.

Yerba Santa  (Eriodictyon californicum):  Releasing constricted feelings especially of grief, pain and other deeply repressed emotions to that one can harmonize breathing and feelings and are then able to express the full range of human emotions.

Zinna  (Zinnia elegans):  Brings out the inner child and playfulness in an overly serious person who has difficulty finding humor and joy in life


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