About Herbal Energetics & InJoy Organics

Hello, I am Carolyn Kelley, creator and director of Journey Within Learning & Wellness Center and InJoy Organics/Herbal Energetics. These businesses were created in the spirit of wellness, to provide and promote psycho-spiritual services, interactive learning platforms and healing herbal products to accompany individuals “on the Journey.”

A life-long passion for cultivating self-awareness, self-empowerment and vibrant health has personally led me to investigate and train in numerous therapeutic modalities. My early formal education in psychology, nutrition, leadership training and organizational development established a basic framework for my future training in herbalism, flower essence therapy, homeopathy, oriental medicine, breath-work, shamanism, hypnotherapy/past life regression, and meditation. I have also intimately studied various forms of energy work; I am a Reiki Master, and a practitioner of Reconnective Healing, the Yuen Method and Ho’oponopono. I am also a fervent believer in synchronicity and the Law of Attraction. It is not a coincidence that you are viewing this website!

I am dedicated to my own continual evolvement and I love to assist others on their journeys towards wholeness, health and conscious awareness, and to their experiences of peace, joy and love. Through Journey Within I offer a wide variety of individual and group experiences and trainings. (See the Journey Within link on this site for more information in this area.)

I also delight in creating products to assist others in discovering and celebrating the joy of living. My experience has shown me that when people make conscious, healthy choices regarding their health, they become empowered, and more alive, joyous and harmonious. In this vein, I created InJoy Organics and Herbal Energetics, both of which offer a wide variety of healthy herbal products to brighten our days, lighten our loads, and contribute to our experience of joyous, conscious, healthy living.

Please join me as I take you through my web site. I invite you to investigate the variety of ways that herbs and natural substances can be our amazing helpers. Whether you are looking for yummy sugar free and low salt treats, wonderful healing teas and supplements, the most elegant body care, harmonizing flower essences and essential oil sprays to lift your energy and spirits, herbal first aid at its best, or unique and effective extracts with flower essences, you will find them here. I i invite you to open to the awesome world of Nature, the wellspring of healing, and join me in celebrating Nature's Gifts....

"From time immemorial humanity has recognized that our Creator In His Love for us has placed herbs
in the field for our healing, just as He has provided the corn and the fruit for our sustence."
Dr. Edward Bach, Founder of Bach Flower Remedies


Journey Within Learning & Welness Center