RTE: Beyond Therapy, A life Changing Reality The No Pain all Gain Experience

RTE is a clear and direct method of releasing trapped emotions that distort one’s life, restoring us to our true essence. Accessing the higher mind through the subconscious, it goes right to the heart of the matter, rooting out emotions with precision and ease. It naturally opens the heart, allowing room for new healthy perceptions and energies that are balanced and free. Our true essence comes forth.

Our natural state is one of openness and love. Living in a dysfunctional world of trauma and drama, it is difficult to avoid getting trapped emotions which can close us off from that openness and love. If we don't feel these emotions, it is often because we have closed our hearts due to the pain we experience. Distortions are the norm in this world. They cause these trapped emotions that limit our lives. RTE brings clarity of perception and emotional release, freeing us from the distortions that have held us hostage, sometimes for centuries. As we release negative emotions, we naturally and without effort, simply open to a more positive life view. Old symptoms dissolve. Disease falls away. Heartaches disappear. Life becomes more flowing and harmonious. One's true self effortlessly emerges!

We have come to time where new energies, or frequencies coming into the planet are bringing new methods, based in part on established techniques and then going beyond to new possibilities never before considered. These new methods are clear, quick, light and amazingly simple. They address issues from a different perspective, from quantum physics, which acknowledges that everything is energy. Our thoughts and feeling are energy. Negative thoughts and feelings are low frequencies of energy and can get stuck in the body. These can be easily discovered and released with these new methods. This is a new paradigm that opens up a new way of thinking. It leads us to new opportunities for healing and transformation not previously considered. It honors each person and his or her process, allowing for illumination and transformation beyond our wildest dreams.

In this RTE process Carolyn honors the recent work of Dr. Bradley Nelson who developed the Emotion Code and the Body Code, Dr Richard Bartlett, who developed Matrix Energetics, plus the many systems, which have been created in search of wholeness over thousands of years. She incorporates many other modalities including Ho'oponopono, Past Life Memories, The Art of Soaring, Flower Essences and Herbology which are all part of the long journey we as a people have been on, searching for a more harmonious life. These systems and many others hold the tradition of healing, honoring that path, and giving it the stability and credibility of a deep tradition of longing to heal ourselves and our world.

I acknowledge with gratitude the Divine inspiration that I receive. This Divine inspiration is available to all today as we acknowledge it. I find this inspiration as I work, which allows openings to understanding and deep release. This process brings peace and harmony, restoring true essence. As I work more is revealed and I piece together what is becoming an amazing, exciting and dynamically alive method of healing and transformation. I stay open to possibilities as they come to me. It is an exciting journey!

*Who can benefit from RTE? *Anyone with an open mind and an honest desire to improve their life and our world. *Those who have worked with many systems and still have not found the peace and healing they seek. *Those who are self re?ective or on a spiritual path will find that this greatly deepens their process. *Skeptism, resistance, and defensiveness are merely signs of trapped emotions and can be easily cleared when one is ready. *Children and animals also find much benefit with this system. Sessions can take anywhere from one half hour to one and one half hours, depending on the person and the situation. They can be done in person and at a distance as well.

Carolyn Kelley, Facilitator of the Journey
Founder/Director of Journey Within Learning and Wellness Center
32 Bay Hill Rd. North?eld, NH 03276
603-286-4696 carolyn@injoynow.com


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