About Carolyn Cooper Kelley, M.Ed.

Carolyn Kelley, Facilitator of the Journey, established Journey Within Learning and Wellness Center, bringing Soul to Life and Life to Soul inNorthfield,NH over 25 years ago because of her deep desire to help humanity be uplifted and evolve. She is passionate about finding ways to facilitate conscious awareness, empowering people to take charge of their lives in healthy, harmonious and joyful ways.  Her intention is to help people break free from the constraints of ordinary life, of trauma and drama, and to open to their true potential, celebrating the joy of life.

Carolyn has a lifetime of experience in energy healing, spirituality, eastern and western herbology, nutrition, psychology and related fields. She is a Reiki Master, a student of David Hawkin's work and the Course in Miracles, and has training and certifications in many other spiritual and energy systems including Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Shamanism, Dowsing, Reconnection Healing, EFT, Ho’oponopono, Opening the Illuminated Heart with Drunvalo, and Matrix Energetics, based on quantum physics and limitless possibilities. The Emotion Code, which Carolyn has redesigned as RTE, and work with Mas Sajady add new dimensions, bringing healing to new and exciting heights beyond previous possibilities of health and transformation. And with a bit of magic Carolyn adds the Art of Soaring.

She encourages others to live by intention, helping people realize that their thoughts and feelings actually create their lives. Her most recent work is in integrating her diverse training in holistic methodologies, and tying these together with new ground breaking transformational technologies that are emerging to help people release old patterns and evolve in mind, body, emotions and spirit. She calls her process  RTE: “Beyond Therapy, A life Changing Reality, Restoring True Essence by Releasing Trapped Emotions”, the no pain all gain experience, exploring new ideas and methods to take us beyond limited perceptions and beliefs into a world of magic and awe. This process opens one to potential never even dreamed possible! Embracing this way of being is empowering and life changing beyond what was available before this time. These new technologies are evidence of the fact that we truly are evolving!

Early on Carolyn saw the positive value of flower essences, herbs, whole foods and energy technologies and techniques to assist people on their journeys in these deeper ways. Now, with the newly emerging technologies, the possibilities are limitless! She is a fervent believer in the power of natural gifts to heal us and help us transform. Living in this manner requires a desire to know ourselves deeply, to believe in ourselves and in our deep inner knowing, and to embrace the power of Nature and the guiding and evolving light of Spirit.

Carolyn loves to share her knowledge with others and has taught many herbal and conscious awareness programs over the years. She says the Universe doesn’t know “no,” so when we focus on creating “yes’s” in our lives, they can manifest!

Say Yes to Health, Yes to Joy, Yes to Unlimited Possibilities and Yes to Life!!

Loving to create, she has developed over 100 herbal products to aid people on their paths of wellbeing and, ultimately, awakening. These have become the basis of Herbal Energetics/Injoy Organics, her cottage industry, which she maintains in her home. The intention with the products is to brighten our days, lighten our loads, and contribute to the experience of joyous, healthy, conscious living.

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