Flower Essences

Flower Essences

Flower Essences are like magic, almost too good to be true! They are concentrations of liquid consciousness. Stored within them is the very life force itself shaped by the signature of the particular plant. They offer us an opportunity to shift our consciousness, our belief’s and long term patterns to a greater awareness and understanding. They actually contribute to a change in our soul’s pattern, adjusting the flow of consciousness and karma that created the imbalanced state, thus aiding our very evolution! 

Unlike pharmaceuticals, the interaction of flower essences with the body is not a biochemical one. They contain no chemicals, but only energetic or vibrational patterns of the flowers. In other words, they contain a holographic imprint of the plant’s essence. Rather than chemically suppressing or altering one’s mood, they stimulate awareness and catalyze each person’s inner healing ability gently and subtly.

The flower essences work in a multi-dimensional way, addressing the realm of the human psyche where thoughts and feelings originate. Early imprints are stored in the subconscious mind often causing negative feelings and distorted beliefs. Over time, these can manifest as emotional and physical ailments. Flower Essences enhance psychological well being and restore peace of mind. In so doing, they give the body an opportunity to regain balance and heal naturally. Their effect is an energetic uplifting much like experiencing a moving piece of music or a beautiful sunset. Thus, Flower Essences gently encourage change through vibrational resonance that is healing, integrating and awakening. They gently help us to consciously learn life’s lessons and find harmony with our spiritual purpose.

Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician in the early 1900’s, discovered the vibrational qualities in plants and was the first to use them to assist healing. He discovered that each plant had its own vibration. Through much personal work he found the specific plants which could affect humans on the emotional and spiritual plane, bringing them to a state of balance and thus alleviating disease potential before it actually manifested physically. He gave up all other forms of medicine, dedicating the remainder of his life to studying, investigating and healing people with his now famous Bach Flower Essences.

Since Dr. Bach’s time, many others have discovered further plant essences. Some of these are similar to his and others are more specific in their focus of operation. Herbal Energetics is now proud to join this arena with our own flower essences.

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